What are people saying about JB's work?

"A masterpiece."


The Metamorphosis is "exceptional work.... original, funny, and deeply, deeply sad."


 -- Austin Pendleton (emails to author)

“J.B. Alexander is excellent as a transformed yet conflicted everyman.  He is wry, intelligent, sincere and engaging.  I enjoyed The Metamorphosis very much and recommend that you add it to your schedule.”

 -- Michael Calcott, Fringey Bits, May 24, 2014

“This refined, imaginative show will leave you intellectually stirred and philosophically fascinated....  Alexander truly is possessed by Kafka, and through this intellectually scintillating play, his possession will possess you too.”

-- Lucien Zell, Fringe Review, May 31, 2014

The Metamorphosis is "packed with beautiful prose, humor, and deep sadness."  

-- nytheatre.com, October 20, 2012



The Metamorphosis is "intelligent, humorous, thought-provoking and highly creative."


-- Harley Kaplan, Powers/Kaplan Casting (email to author)

"A superior showing was given by J.B. Alexander as the prosperous Uncle Morty. Alexander captures the cosmopolitan dandy mystique of the era but pepper[s] it with the immigrant roots from where he came.  Cultured tone, great presence, he was a cool blast of AC on a hot day."  

-- Douglas N. Johnston, review of Awake & Sing!, Drama Queens, May 6, 2013

Kafka’s Belinda "starts out as a love letter to Prague... and turns into a globetrotting adventure of words and a reflection on life.... J.B. Alexander’s turn (or return, as he always starred in The Metamorphosis at last year’s Prague Fringe) as Franz Kafka is engrossing....  This is a solid piece of work."


-- André Crous, Prague Post, May 25, 2015

"Mr. Fried writes with a dry wit that had me laughing in my seat....  The actors did their best to catch those moments, especially J.B. Alexander as the monarchy-influenced judge Lorand Sigray."

-- Karin Crighton, review of Blood Privilege, HorrorTalk, February 15, 2013

Kafka's Belinda "is not a simple work.  What first appears to be charming and clever becomes disorienting and  provocative.  Kafkaesque indeed.... The cast is solid and convincing."


-- Michael Calcott, Fringey Bits, May 23, 1015

The Metamorphosis is a "50-minute monologue that never lets up.... ambiguity is built into every part of the performance, in a nod of the bowler hat to Franz K.”


 -- André Crous, Prague Post, May 26, 2014

The actors “have taken their dialect lessons seriously, and... the accents... ring true.  [T]he cast seems to take advantage of the different social classes that go with the accents to create their characters....  J.B. Alexander as Harry Dalton sounds more rural England than London Estuary.”

-- Jeff Myhre, review of Equus, NY Theatre Guide, December 18, 2013

"If your impression of Kafka wasn’t already mysterious enough, then [Kafka's Belinda] will introduce you to yet another layer of intrigue in the life of this artist-philosopher.... It’s a very enjoyable performance that is well worth seeing."


-- Susanne Kass, Prague Film & Theater Center

"It is difficult to imagine a better beginning of the [Prague Fringe] Festival. I was taken into [Kafka's Belinda] completely and even forgot the craziness of my own life as I watched a gentle story of a triangle between Kafka, Dora Diamond and a child puppet that has lost her doll, Belinda.  The very simple plot is based on the strength of narrative that creates an imaginary world and is able to transform negative emotions into positive dreaming from which one wakes up at just a right moment, having matured, having found inner reconciliation and ready to move on."


-- Fringe Blog 2015, Protisedi.cz (translated from Czech)

Kafka's Belinda is "beautiful and poignant....  [Makes] Kafka’s immensities palatable for a child, and his cruelties kind enough for love."


-- David M. Greenberg (email to author)