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J.B. Alexander

JB is a lovable everyman with a jovial sense of humor tinged with melancholy.  My one-man show The Metamorphosis (about a struggling writer who is transformed into Franz Kafka) was nominated for the Prague Fringe Festival's Inspiration Award, which honors promising new work.  I am currently adapting it for 


In addition to Kafka, I am a great lover of Shakespeare and the classics and have performed major Shakespearean parts such as Claudius and Shylock.  I work as a character actor (both comedic and dramatic) -- perfect for such roles as teacher, doctor, suburban dad, best friend, lawyer, cop, clergy, reporter, politician, professor, or therapist.  Types:  Steve Carell, Michael Stuhlbarg, Jack Lemmon. 

Film & TV

Law & Order: SVU

Online Lessons

Bed Bugs & Co.




Clipped Wings They Do Fly

Co-Star (court clerk)

Lead (teacher)

Supporting (con man)

Supporting (dad)

Supporting (philosopher)

Supporting (executive)

Supporting (judge)

NBC (Alex Chapple)

TV Mini-series (Mami Kimura)

Independent Short  (Serena Dykman)

Student Short  (NYU)

Dead Famous Productions (H. Mavromichaelis)

Student Short  (Columbia)

Independent Feature  (Prestige Media)


Pope / Scholar / Duke

Tony / Mike / First INS Officer

Orleans / Chorus (shared)

Guard / Shomer / Priest

Franz Kafka

Shylock / Antonio (in rep)







Alonso / Prospero (u-s)

Minister Ray (Duke)

Harry Dalton

Uncle Morty


General Fei-Zhang


Doctor Faustus

A View From the Bridge

Henry V

Karlos Before the Law by J.B. Alexander

The Metamorphosis by J.B. Alexander

The Merchant of Venice

Happy by Alan Zweibel

Feet of Clay by David Caudle

The Bear


Beethoven & the Servant Girl

Three Sisters

The Tempest

Othello: The Panther

Equus by Peter Shaffer

Awake and Sing! by Clifford Odets

Helen of Troy by Euripides

My Brother, My Hero by Jisen John Ho

J.B. by Archibald MacLeish

Secret Theatre (Justin Baldridge)

Brave New World Repertory Th. (Alex Dmitriev)

Quisqueya Productions (Mary Lou Rosato)

Prague Fringe Festival (Antonio Vega)

Zizkovska Noc Festival (Petr Dlouhy)

Oxford Shakespeare Co. (Ron Song Destro)

Polaris North (Ed Starr)

The Network Theatre Co. (Paul Michael)

Nuance Theatre Co. (Victoria Rae Suk)

First Maria (Celeste Moratti)

Jonathan Fluck Productions

Columbia Stages (Palina Jonsdottir)

Hamptons Independent Theatre Fest. (Josh Perl)

Rebel Theater Company  (Rajendra R. Maharaj)

Gallery Players  (Mark Gallagher)

Viking Theater Co.  (April James)

Loizidis Theatre Group  (Eftychia Loizidis)

Yangtze Repertory Th.  (Wayne Chang)

Ezra Stiles Theater  (Yale)

2010 - present

2010 - present

Education & Training

Tony Greco

DeSotelle Studio

HB Studio

Method technique

Meisner technique

scene study

Tony Greco

John DeSotelle

Austin Pendleton / Vincent Pastore

University of Michigan, J.D.

Yale University, BA.

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